Minimum order

Minimum order for checkout is $35. Delivery charge of $8 for orders below $60
Free delivery for orders $60 and above.

Delivery services

Delivery is from 11am – 8pm Monday to Saturday. No delivery on Sundays and Public Holidays. We provide our best efforts to deliver orders as swiftly as possible allowing for 2 – 3 days from the date of order confirmation for orders to be processed. All orders are subject to availability and final confirmation. Any time given for delivery is an estimate only. Deliveries are subject to our further delivery terms set out in our Terms of Use available on our Website.

Unattended deliveries

If you request us to deliver your purchase to another person, or if a person other than you takes possession of your purchase at your requested delivery address, delivery will be will be regarded as fulfilled. If there is no one to receive the delivery and we leave your purchase at a location instructed by you, we will not be liable for any loss of items or deterioration of the entire purchase.

Order confirmation

Your order is confirmed once you have successfully submitted your order and made payment via internet bank transfer or PayNow. Please indicate your order number to receive your order confirmation via email once payment has been received.

Quality control and food, health & safety practices

Our supplies come from certified importers and packing is done in ISO22K certified premises. Our own quality management system gives us the confidence that the fruits we deliver are well stored in a temperature-controlled warehouses, have been thoroughly checked and packed under strict quality control procedures, ensuring the safety and integrity of all orders. Once your order has been delivered, it is your responsibility to ensure proper handling and storage of the fruits to avoid deterioration and maintain freshness.

Refund / replacement policy

We do our best to select the freshest fruits for you and we make sure all orders are thoroughly checked for quality prior to delivery. However, there are occasions where we are unable to vouch for the interior condition of fruit as this cannot be detected from the exterior. We reserve the right to request for photos of the original fruit / fruits in question in their original packing for our consideration regarding refund / replacement. No refund / replacement will be made in the absence of the photos of the original fruit and packing. Taking photos of the original fruits: Where appropriate, please photograph the fruits showing stickers on the fruits. We will not entertain any refunds or replacements if the original produce has been disposed of or photos are not available. Call us (88111545) or email us within 24 hours of delivery to lodge your feedback. Depending on the circumstance, you may have a choice of a refund to your account or points will be credited to your account for future use.

Acceptable reasons for refund / replacement

Produce that is visibly mouldy or rotting may be considered for refund / replacement depending on the produce in question. Minor bruises or wind scaring (surface scratches) are not considerations for refund / replacement.

Substitution of fruits

There may be occasions where we may need to substitute one fruit for another. In the event that fruits are unavailable or do not meet our quality standards, we will provide a substitute with an item / items that is of similar value.

Cancelling orders

No modifications or cancellations can be made to your order once it has been submitted and paid for.